Our Mission

Ventech Information Systems, Inc. is a full service computer company that offers more than just hardware ... we offer solutions. Our mission is to provide your business with the tools you need to operate more efficiently and improve the methods in which your business objectives are achieved.

Our Goal

We take into consideration where your business is today, and where you want it to be tomorrow. Our goal is to develop a customized solution for your business that takes into account your specific business plan ... a solution that helps you achieve all of your goals.


Custom Solutions

Allow Ventech to standardize and automate your business. Lower the cost of performing your business functions. Ventech's custom applications will help your company perform more efficiently.

Networking Solutions

Allow Ventech to network your company. Ventech can fully exploit the power of your computer assets by networking them together.

EBusiness Solutions

The types of services Ventech can offer your company are:

  1. Managed Services
  2. Voice and Data Integration
  3. Phone/VoIP Systems
  4. Computer Technicians
  5. Software and Hardware Procurement
  6. Hosting
  7. Remote Access
  8. Software Standardization
  9. System Audits
  10. Custom Application Development